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Easton Maximus was the late father of Esmyralda Maximus and the husband of Engracia Maximus.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born in the year 56 A.S. (meaning “After Settlement”). A well-respected young man, he helped pioneer steam technological advancement, and in the last years of his life, the advancement of newly found Crya Research. His father Sir Emmitt Maximus, died to an unknown sickness that swept the town of Ghilcrest in the year 65 A.S. when he was 9. Easton developed a more serious demeanor ever since the event.

He became romantically involved with Engracia Silvershark, the chief’s daughter, and married her in 75 A.S. 4 years later, she became pregnant with a girl, but subsequently lost her life during a complication with childbirth. Easton, devastated, but not letting that deter him, named her Esmyrelda and raised her very well.

9 years afterward, Easton was a victim of the Ghilcrest Explosion in 88 A.S. at the only (at that time) Cryamore Research Facility at the age of 32.

It was reported that he died trying to harness the energy of Cryamore through his body, which in turn caused other victims to die and become injured. (Coincidentally, Esmy was the same age he was when his father died, the age of 9.) Easton was very close with his father-in-law, Chief Silvershark, and Silvershark vowed to watch over Esmy as best as he could after the event. At this point, Esmy was adopted by the Barsons.

Throughout the 9 years he raised Esmy, he taught her how to speak, read, and write before she was 4. Esmy was simply a child prodigy. This was also the time period where he began to really take Cryamore seriously after not believing anything his late wife used to tell him, even sharing his research and findings with a young, enthusiastic Esmyrelda. (He was originally a strict supporter of Steam Technology.)

His grave has an inscription from a note he wrote in Esmy’s diary:

“May My Daughter, The Adoration of my Life, Prosper Well, For I Love Her From The Pit of my Heart.”