Engracia Maximus

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Engracia Maximus was the late wife of Easton Maximus and late mother of Esmyrelda. She was the only daughter of Chief Geophilus Silvershark. The Silvershark family has always been highly-esteemed, and Engracia herself was quite the shining jewel of the family, being sought after by many men.

She was a beautiful young lady, being very enthusiastic for the at-the-time new Cryamore findings. She would love to read about the future possibilities for Cryamore and imagine how it would change the world. She would collect many Cryamore trinkets and small rocks, even wearing some as jewelry. At this point, she felt different when being around them, like a more vibrant individual, being able to think fluidly, and possessing a stronger will. So she would always wear Cryamore. This also is the reason why she thought Cryamore was “something special”.

She fell in love with Easton around the age of 17, and married him a year later (because he was the only man she knew not falling all over her for attention). She would then encourage him to try getting into Cryamore research as she believed he would be really successful. At this time, Easton still wasn’t crazy about the idea and believed Cryamore shouldn’t be used as he felt they were ignorant of it.

4 years later, she became pregnant, and would speak about all the fun she would have with Easton teaching and rearing their child together. Being an avid reader herself, she would always tell Easton how important it would be for their child to read well. She would also inadvertently push how the child would love Cryamore and benefit well from it. This disturbed Easton at the time, but he didn’t really let it bother him.

A few hours after giving birth to a baby girl, Engracia passed away, most likely due to complications. She never got a chance to hold her, or even know of her name before her passing. This was a huge blow to Easton, Chief Silvershark, and the rest of the town, as she would usually leave a trail of happiness throughout the town because of her liveliness.