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Esmyrelda Maximus, also known as Esmy, is the spunky main character of Cryamore.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Esmyrelda is the daughter of the late Easton Maximus, one of the major pioneers of steam technological advancement. Her ancestors settled on Noka Island only 100 years ago. Upon their findings, they discovered a new kind of energy resource, called Cryamore. Rather than continuing to explore new areas, they focused their attention on using and studying Cryamore to replace the now-ancient steam technology.

Throughout the years, beasts became more brutal and rabid, so there was a plan initiated by the Ghilcrest Council to use Earthen Cryamore to mold a wall around the town, to keep the beasts from coming in. Cryamore resources began to drop.

When she was 12, Sir Maximus died in a freak accident trying to harness the energy of Cryamore through his body. Her mother died at childbirth, so the only ‘family’ she had at that time were the Barsons, who took care of her until she became of age. Before his death, her father raised her well, always involving her in math, books, and teaching her the mechanics of Crya-Technology, and she continued his studies every day after he passed.

As she grew up, she invented a number of things that the town uses regularly involving stabilized Cryamore consumption. She also invented the Cryamore condenser, which allows a human to use the Cryamore directly in everyday life, rather than previous machines. As of now, she’s the go-to person for help with Cryamore and troubleshooting energy hiccups in the town of Ghilcrest, known as a Cryatist.

As of late however, Cryamore energy has become stagnant and at an all-time low, making it hard for even necessary day-to-day activities to be done. It was now that she was approached by the Council for an important mission: to go outside Ghilcrest and find out the reason Cryamore energy has been so low, and to fix it.