Fité zo Rala

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Fité zo Rala is a rebellious Piraxan, a race indigenous to the Island of Noka.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Fité was tired of the lifestyle that his fellow Piraxans lives by, and was banished from the tribe. Many Piraxans followed him, choosing the same course. So he sought out to be treated as a human, only to be shunned by them as well. This in turn made him bitter, and then, with his followers, vowed to start his own tribe.

Because of this, (and the constant efforts to establish a peaceful relationship with humans), it is difficult for peace to occur, because the rebellious & good Pirax fight amongst each other; making humans confused as to which a particular group of Piraxans are good or not.

Over time, he learned how to use Cryamore for himself and his followers, building devices similar to the way humans use it. As to how he discovered it and his motives, as well as his current whereabouts, are simply unknown.